Traditional Bakery Arts | Inheritance and Innovation

Founded in 1928, Macau Yeng Kee Bakery is a souvenir brand with long history in Macau. While Yeng Kee stands by its traditional recipes to bring the best tastes of Macau, we are proud to enhance attraction to consumers by establishing modern factories and developing new products with outstanding flavors.

Our mission is to put our hearts and respect into everything we do, so that Yeng Kee can continue to pass on the everlasting love and compassion to the people you care.

Pastelaria Yeng Kee | Macau’s Best Souvenir

Since its establishment in 1928, Yeng Kee Bakery has flourished alongside the city of Macau, while maintaining its reputation for being not only the local’s favorite bakery, but also visitors’ from far and wide.

It is an age-old tradition for people travelling abroad to return home bearing gifts, often local delicacies or specialties, to express their thoughtfulness to family and friends back home. Yeng Kee’s gift boxes offer a carefully selected variety of the most popular flavors and products to take home to your loved ones. We always do our best to deliver the most authentic tastes of Macau through exceptional attention to detail in every step of production. Every crunchy bite, fragrant aroma, and delicate flavor will take you back to the city you love, and your loved ones back home can enjoy it with you.

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